Launched in 19 February 2014, jubuti.com is an international business and professionals database, with databases for all the countries in the world.
We aspire to become the "home away from home" for every company and specialist, where people can find the business products and professional services that they need, as easy and fast as possible.

The domain's homepage, www.jubuti.com, lets people to perform client to business searches for each country in the world, at specific locations(City, village..) in that country, for products and services that they want to buy.

A business to business search engine can be found at www.jubuti.com/jubutibtb.html, which allows companies and people to search for specific types of providers(producers, service providers, wholesalers, retailers, dealers or brokers) of products and services. This search engine does not require a location.

Business world

Companies can open a free business account, in which they have to supply their contact informations and up to 1000 products and informations about those products. Using this informations a pubilc web page for their business will be created with a national and an international mode.
The company's business web page contains two search engines which enables visitors to search their products and services database for what they need.
Here you can test a business web page that we generate for each company through their business account.

Companies can use for free, even if their business account is not active, their business web page at jubuti.com, by linking to it from their own domains, but the business will not be listed in the main searches.


The Professionals section lets visitors to search for professionals that provide services they need. People can search in their own language for local or national professionals, or in english on www.jubuti.com/jubutiproint.html if they don't know that country's language.
If you are a professional, you can open a free professional account, if you wish to promote your skills and services. Our professional accounts will enable you to generate a public website for yourself, that will contain a web page with informations about you, your profession and skills, and the services you provide, in your language, for local visitors, and a web page in english for visitors that don't know your language.
Here you can test a professional web page that we generate for each specialist through their professional account.

The Ads section lets people post and search for local, national and international ads, for free. People can post local and national ads in their national language, and international ads in english.


This is, in short, what our website can offer you at this time. As we develop it further, we hope to bring you more content that is useful to you.

About Leş Bogdan - the owner, author, cleaning lady ...

Les Bogdan

The Jubuti story begins in 2006, after having obtained my master's degree, i decided it was time to start a career.
Since i wanted to have a job where i have to analyze data so i don't get bored at work, who can give me a wide view of the business world to take advantage off when opportunities arise, and where i analyze companies so i can form my own success recipe, i reached the conclusion that i should be a broker.

Once that happened, i started researching all the brokerage firms in Romania, not just the ones in my city, in case they didn't want me, i was going to bring their competition to my city. One way or another i was going to be a broker.
This took way way longer than i expected. About 40% of the firms didn't even have a website, and about 20% of them were like ghosts on the internet.

It is then when i realize that what the world really needs is another international business database, where people can find, fast and easy, informations about companies.
I started toying with this idea, what informations should the database contain about each business, what informations are people searching for on the web about businesses, and i started learning web programing.
It wasn't hard to learn web programing because i finished a computer science high school, and while i was learning more ideas about the structure of the database occurred to me, like transfering what users search for to the official websites of companies so they can redirect them automatically if they want.

Finally, i started building it, and i must admit i liked making it, with all the challenges that kept me up at nights. Don't know how it would have been to be a broker, but i'm glad i chose to do this instead.

I launched the business database in 2014. One year later i added to it the section for ads. In 2017 i added the section for professionals, and, if destiny is on my side, i have plenty of ideas of how to develop it further.

So, this is the story of Jubuti, and of how i ended up making an international business and professionals database ... what can i say ,,, if you're going to think, think big, and don't forget to enjoy making it.


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